Shifting beliefs

Finding freedom from yourself

It was supposed to be a new dawn but it never turned out that way

About Me

Success was everywhere, living in the heart of Tokyo, as a Senior Executive in a Global company, I had the best of everything, there was nothing else I could ask for. Then it happened, Cancer at the prime of my life. Globally there was only eight cases of the type of cancer I had, there was not much information. It was devastating, an end to all my dreams. The news got worse when I was told, that it was a fast spreading cancer and I would not survive for more than a month.

I was looking for answers and there was none to be found. I came from a very religious background, all the questions came to my mind, why me, how is this possible, why does it have to end this way? The battle in my mind and my thoughts started and were relentless.

I made a drastic shift to spirituality, I was in search of answers to many questions, I followed all the spiritual leaders, scientific experts, started meditation and continued the journey and finally the search brought me to Deepak Chopra, Bruce Lipton and the PSYCH-K® experience.

Yes, I was cured of Cancer 20 years ago, not to mention many of the other strange incidents that took place in my life, sitting in a windows seat of an International flight, I was watching the engine catch fire, it was no easy experience. When we went to reconfirm the ticket a week earlier the staff at the airline office made a statement that resonated with me for many years, he said, " I am unable to find your name on this flight, I cannot confirm it, you are not supposed to be on this flight". He had to fax the Sydney office to find out why my booking was cancelled and they were even more surprised, they said "his record does not appear on this flight list at all".

I have now stopped asking the question, 'Why me'? I have shifted my 'Belief' system to accept whatever is thrown at me, it is the way of the Universe.

Changing your belief system will take you where you want to go

Based on scientific research 90 percent of your day to day activities is operated by your subconscious mind, of which 70 percent does not serve your purpose. Re-programming your subconscious can be done through various ways, this is where PSYCH-K® can be of benefit to you. It is one of the methods by which changes to your belief system can be facilitated.